The IP wars are heating up, or so it would seem if we measure by the amount of current media attention for internet and technology legal battles. Both mainstream business media and the internet with its blogosphere are filled with commentary and stories of patent, trademark and copyright law suits. Many involve some big names in the internet and gaming industries. Hasbro, Mattel, Facebook, Viacom, eBay, YouTube, Nintendo, HP, Nokia, Adobe, Oracle, Arista Records and others are squaring off in court with competitors and accused infringers over, in most cases, alleged digital knockoffs and derivative works. News organizations have been chronicling each new development in Hasbro’s quest to shut down the electronic knock-off of its board game Scrabble on Facebook, and the internet auction site eBay has drawn a good deal of print over its simultaneous cross-Atlantic litigation with both LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA and Tiffany and Co.  Although IP lawsuits are nothing new, by any means, these cases highlight the struggle that the rising popularity of the internet has caused as courts and legislators attempt to adapt centuries-old concepts into the modern technological landscape.

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