Mediation has taken over as the preferred method of dispute resolution today.  To be successful, we have to hone our negotiation skills and learn to let the process work for us and our clients.  Have you ever wondered about what causes litigants to react the way they do in mediation?  Sometimes litigants suffer from the effects of anchoring, optimistic overconfidence, and reactive devaluation.  Even if you don't know the precise meaning of those terms, chances are you've seen them at work.  There may be social and psychological explanations for the things we experience in mediations every day, and some of them can be impediments to successful resolution. Come find out!  

If you'd like to learn more about these topics and others that affect your practice, please join us at the Building Products SLG break out session on April 12th at the DRI Products Liability Conference in Las Vegas (April 11-13).  We hope to see you then!

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