Bad lawyers’ jokes aside, most of us do not encounter blatantly unethical and/or unprofessional attorneys in the course of our practice and are fortunately left wondering where the basis for these jokes resides.  But then there are reports like the one in the Atlanta Journal Constitution last week.

According to the article, a Sandy Springs attorney was booked into the Cobb County jail on Thursday April 26, for criminal charges stemming from “attorney-client” meetings he had with inmates.   
The attorney had allegedly met with inmates in private attorney-client rooms at the Cobb County jail on numerous occasions.  On one occasion, he allegedly exposed himself to a female inmate, and another time, asked to see the inmate’s breasts.  In exchange, the attorney offered to bring the inmates drugs or tobacco, which are prohibited in jail.

The attorney was arrested and booked into Cobb County jail on eight felony charges stemming from his alleged offering of prohibited items in exchange for sexual favors, and then was released on a $10,000 bond.  But right after his release from Cobb County, he was booked into Fulton County jail on drug charges, and is being held there without bond for allegedly possessing amphetamines and for having prescription drugs in the incorrect container.  

The newspaper also reported that the attorney’s license to practice law had been temporarily suspended by the State Bar of Georgia in 2010, which raises some questions (or perhaps not) about the purpose of his meetings with inmates in the attorney-client room in jail in the first place.   

M. Amy Carlin is a partner with Morgan, Brown, & Joy, LLP, in Boston, Massachusetts, New England’s oldest and largest management employment law firm.  Ms. Carlin’s practice primarily consists of employment litigation and counseling.  She has been a Steering Committee member of DRI’s Lawyers’ Professionalism & Ethics Committee since 2007, and currently serves as its webinar chair.  She can be reached at or 617.523.6666.
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