2nd Annual DRI WC National Review

Posted on August 18, 2009 05:55 by Steve Tipton

To the backdrop of roaring thunder from tropical storm Ana, Robert Lewis and Bill Pipkin gave life to acronym hell--MSAs and Section 111 Reporting. I have not heard a more informative and knowledgeable talk on the subject. The WC Committee has and continues to lead the way on this subject.

With his usual dry wit and thorough knowledge, David Wilson told us how to respond to and perhaps reduce exposure in undocumented worker cases.

George Kagan, Steve Cassell and Jeff Napolitano brought to life what the FBI calls one of the Top 10 domestic threats, post-9/11: Insurance Fraud. We learned how to use a reasonable and unobtrusive investigation in an ethical and legal way to prove your case. Investigation videos are always a hoot, and sometimes helpful.

Many thanks to Craig Young, Jonathan Berryhill, George Kagan and all the usual suspects for putting on the class show of the week.

DRI's event concluded, FWCI's evidenced-base medicine was the order for the rest of the day. This too, is a DRI WC Committee top subject.

As expected, this is a great networking opportunity. Spent Monday evening at the bar of Tuscany Ristorante sharing food and wine with all who gathered there. The Banfi Cum Laude (as close as I ever got to those last two words) and the Cortona Syrah were the favorites. The rack of lamb rocked.

Wednesday, Bobby Stokes and I will head up the Texas Breakout Sessions for the FWCI. You should be here for the medical eBilling discussion. It's coming soon to a state near you. Our good friends from Aon and American Airlines, Mary Reed and Misty Hambright, respectively, will lead the employer's perspective session. Good stuff.

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